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Rod Wilson


Rod showed his giftedness for composing even at an early age, so that by high school he had his own radio show.  After earning his degree in Theory and Composition with a concentration both in piano and orchestration, Rod began his musical career in Los Angeles where he continued his studies while working and recording with a number of well known artist and music professionals.  Having a gift with computers also, he subsequently started his own software company.   After a period of time, the demands and success of his software company limited his musical pursuits, but as time permitted, he continued to orchestrate and compose.


However, after an unexpected open heart surgery in 2014, Rod determined to dedicate more of his time to his passion for composing and recording.   With his talent and love for movie orchestration, Rod recently released an album, “For His Good Pleasure”, which is a collection of ten original compositions he refers to as spiritual Program Music.  Each track generates a picture for the mind around a specific message.   The styles of the album and his most recent Christmas Single were influenced by the orchestral styles of Ennio Mariconne, Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer.

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